Application Letter

We are pleased that you are interested in working as a volunteer at Women‚ is Services. Our volunteers provide many valuable resources.

All volunteers will be required to complete an orientation/training. This will help you to gain an understanding of the organization and our philosophy, the myths and realities of abuse and the variety of ways that women and children are affected by abuse. The training will also be designed to prepare you for your role, and to learn what we as an agency can do to make your volunteer experience positive.

The application package enclosed includes: 1) this letter, 2) the volunteer job descriptions of the opportunities that are available, 3) an application form which asks for specific information, including the names of two references.

A police check will be necessary and is a measure of accountability to the women and their children that persons in a helping role do not have a history of having abused or endangered another person. Women and children who stay at the shelter have already survived abuse and it is imperative that we protect the safety of all who reside, volunteer and work here. It will be the responsibility of the volunteer to take a Police Clearance form to the police station and then to pick it up and bring it to the shelter. You will need to have picture I.D. with you. The O.P.P. does not charge for this procedure. A Police Clearance form will be provided to you at the initial interview/orientation. It is not necessary for you to get a police check completed before the initial interview/orientation.

We ask that you use the enclosed job descriptions as a guide when deciding whether the volunteer opportunities here meet with your interests and needs. If you wish to apply to become a volunteer we ask that you return the application form with the names of two references (along with their mailing addresses) as soon as possible. Once your application is returned, I will call you to set up a time when you can meet for an interview. During the interview you will be asked to sign an Oath of Confidentiality form. Volunteers under the age of 19 will be required to have a parent/guardian sign a Permission Request form.

Your work as a volunteer can give you valuable personal experiences as well as experiences that you can use to your benefit on a resume or job search.

Thank you for your interest in Haldimand & Norfolk Women‚is Services.